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EdTech Team Teacher Leader Program

EdTech Team Teacher Leader Program
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I recently completed the twelve-week EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Program. This excellent learning opportunity was productive, fun, and rewarding!

EdTechTeam is a Google for Education Partner which provides live and online professional development focused on the following six common elements of future ready schools referred to as the honeycomb:  Robust Infrastructure, Empowered Teachers, Courageous Leaders, Student Agency, Engaged Community, and Inspiring Spaces. The honeycomb creates a synergy resulting in improved student learning and success when all aspects are present in a school.

The EdTechTeam's future-ready honeycomb

The online teacher leader program was comprised of six two-week classes related to global collaboration, project-based learning, flipped learning, visual literacy, assessment, and learning spaces. Throughout each class, we created projects or lessons which we could use in our class immediately. This portfolio showcased the work I created during the class: Amy Garoutte’s Ed Tech Portfolio

As part of the global collaboration and community course, I created a mystery Google Hangout adventure using systems of equations and maps. My Algebra students in Saguache joined students in Parkland, Florida on a Google Hangout. The classes raced to solve the systems of equations and locate the other school. The kids were engaged and had a great time!

In fact, all of the courses were inspiring and helped me to improve my teaching. I finished the class inspired to continue growing and learning.

My EdTech Goals

1) I will continue to provide global collaboration projects for my students and help other teachers in my district do the same.

2) I will create designated space to work on PBL projects and try to incorporate more of these projects into my curriculum each year.

3) I will provide tutorials for my students and utilize Google Sites to provide students access to daily lessons and assignments next year.

4) The visual literacy course was incredibly useful. Living in a small rural community, teachers wear many hats. We try to communicate about upcoming events on the school Facebook site. I was shocked at the difference in response rates I received when communicating about school events on Facebook using images and text instead of just text. This will be key going forward!

5) I will continue to explore different technology related assessment options. Some of these will be useful in my class and others will be useful to other teachers in my district.

6) My classroom will be more comfortable and focused on PBL, collaboration, and inspiration. I plan to make some inexpensive, but rather large-scale changes to my classroom over the summer.

I’m excited about my future plans to learn, share, stay connected, and be a change agent in education.